Industrial and Janitorial Maintenance Wipers

Industrial wipers

Our industrial wipers are the most durable rags we offer at a great value. They all have high cotton content for great absorbency. These rags are used around the world for all general maintenance duties form cleaning up liquid spills such as oil and grease to wiping down machinery and tools.

Industrial wipers

Here you will also find cloths for
specialized jobs such as painting and staining.

By purchasing these wipers, you also help keep millions of pounds of material from entering our landfills.

Large selection of cleaning cloths

Cloth Wipers and Rags

Made from recycled linens and garments which keep material from landfills. High cotton content. Perfect for all general maintenance duties as well as painting, staining and auto care. Extremely absorbente and durable.

New Industrial Wiping cloths

New Industrial Wiping cloths

These rags are either made from scratch or are remnants from t-shirt manufacturers, 100% cotton. Extremely absorbent and durable. Great for oil and grease, general maintenance, or for more specialized applications like painting or staining.

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